Suicide Support

In recent years, unfortunately, there has been an increase in the number of people who have died by suicide. It is estimated that at least five people will be seriously impacted by such a death. Many others will also be bereaved – family, neighbours, friends, co-workers, fellow students. All who have had a relationship to the person will feel a loss.


While everyone grieves their loss differently, research has shown that the suicide bereaved grieve differently. The bereaved report more frequent feelings of responsibility for the death, rejection and abandonment than those who have lost someone from natural causes. Experiencing stigma, shame and embarrassment set them apart from those who grieve a non-suicidal death. The question, “why” is constantly present. Those bereaved by suicide find they have less opportunity to talk about their grief.


Kilkenny Bereavement Support offers one-to-one support for those bereaved by suicide. Besides, we offer a variety of supports. We meet with bereaved families, with schools and with groups where a death by suicide has occurred.


We also throughout the year offer a support group, or an educational programme, or a public talk. These activities vary from year to year. All activities are presented and facilitated by trained personnel.


For information, look for what is up to date on our website or contact 056-7756538.