What we provide?– We provide one-to-one counselling/support to bereaved people of all ages
Where are we based? - Bereaved people are met one-to-one in Villa Maria, Freshford Road, Kilkenny
Who are we? – We are a group who are trained volunteers

How we work

When the bereaved person makes contact with the service (056)-7756538, he/she will speak with the administrator. The administrator then contacts a volunteer with the details provided by that bereaved person. The volunteer contacts the bereaved person and the two people then make an arrangement to meet at a time which suits both.Villa Maria, Talbots Inch, Freshford Road, Kilkenny is the location for meeting.
After this first session, which usually last one hour, the bereaved person and the volunteer agree to meet for a certain number of sessions, at the end of which progress is reviewed.


The volunteer offers what is essentially a listening service. Kilkenny Bereavement Support believes that bereaved people more than anything else want to tell their story, to be really listened to, to know that this is done in confidence, to be allowed to express their emotions, and to spend as long as they wish in this process.
Kilkenny Bereavement Support believes that everyone grieves differently and takes different lengths of time to do so. Some may take months, others may take years. Some people may not begin to grieve at the time of the death. In fact, it may be months or even years before grief commences.


We believe that bereaved people do not want advice or be presented with ready-made solutions. What we try to do is to support people until they themselves can find a meaningful way to live with their loss.