Kilkenny Bereavement Support – COVID-19 Policy



This policy sets out the plan for the return of Kilkenny Bereavement Support (KBS) services. However, it won’t be possible to restore our services in exactly the same way as they operated previously, because of the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and the need to continue to protect people from infection risk.

As bereavement support services resume, we have had to make changes to ensure social distancing is possible. We need to deliver our services in a different way to make sure we keep everybody safe i.e. Kilkenny Bereavement Support clients, workers, and the residents of Villa Maria.  It is important that a safe, consistent approach is taken in how we return to provide services in Villa Maria over the coming weeks and months and provide bereavement support with the lowest possible risk.




This policy has been created for the purpose of outlining KBS’s commitment to implementing a response plan and protocols in line with National COVID-14 regulations. 

In preparing this policy and putting COVID-19 control measures in place, Kilkenny Bereavement Support has reviewed occupational health and safety risk assessments ( and has implemented changes to support the work activities of KBS.




Kilkenny Bereavement Support will undertake the following; 

  • Select a COVID-19 Compliance Officer. This person will have overall responsibility for ensuring that the meeting rooms in Villa Maria are set up correctly and that bereavement support workers and clients are aware of the necessary requirements they will be required to to adhere to when attending Villa Maria.
  • Continue to monitor its COVID-19 response and amend this policy in consultation with the KBS Management Committee and bereavement support workers.
  • Provide up to date information to bereavement support workers on the Public Health advice issued by the HSE and
  • Display information on helping to prevent COVID-19.
  • Inform all bereavement support workers of essential hygiene and respiratory etiquette and physical distancing requirements.
  • Adapt the meeting venue (Villa Maria) accordingly to facilitate appropriate physical distancing.
  • Keep a log to record the name of the bereavement support worker and the client’s code number who have attended Villa Maria, in order to help with contact tracing.
  • Develop a procedure to be followed in the event of an individual displaying symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Carry out cleaning and sanitizing in line with government advice.
  • Consider appropriate ventilation 
  • Request all volunteers to fill out the Return to Work Declaration Form 3 days before returning to Villa Maria.
  • Continue the use of technology to provide support and supervision to bereavement support volunteers, where possible.
  • Develop a specific protocols document for the return to Villa Maria (see attached Appendix 1)  



This policy will be reviewed at least monthly in order to ensure it is up-to-date with Government Guidelines and supports the needs of all involved in Kilkenny Bereavement Support.