Support Group for people bereaved by suicide

Kilkenny Bereavement Support will host 6 nights of Group Support for people bereaved by suicide in recent times or in the past. It will take place on Tuesday nights commencing on Feb 24th at 8.00pm at Villa Maria. Talbot’s Inch, Freshford Road, Kilkenny.
The Group will provide the bereaved with the experience of a safe and comforting place where they will receive the support of fellow bereaved. The group experience will help the bereaved participants to understand the grieving process, remember the deceased and discull coping strategies for difficult times, eg., special dates and events.
Once the group is formed on the first night, no new people will be allowed enter. It is not good practice to have more than one person from a family attending. Not everyone is suited to the group experience but we can help such people avail of one to one support.
For further information, please phone 056-7756538 or 087-9610334